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Epoch – A Novel

Epoch is the title of my novel-in-progress. I began writing Epoch in 2005 during short creative breaks from studying foreign policy in grad school. It is currently about 50% complete.

I have almost solely worked on the novel on Saturday mornings at Moka Joe’s coffee shop.

Epoch is an intertwining of 2 stories in 5 settings, in two periods of history. The opening scene takes place on the music patio of La Huerta Mexican Restaurant in Fort Smith, AR. A group of friends are having dinner on a Thursday evening – live music night on the patio – when a friend of theirs calls them from Iraq while in a firefight.

The second story involves a secret tunnel that I was once told about by an elderly man, who was relaying what he had heard as a young man, from another elderly man. It is the story of a tunnel that passes under Garrison Avenue, beginning in a building nearby La Huerta.

The story has proved immensely fun, yet also a great challenge. I find myself immersed in parts of my own story, and often spend an entire writing session just imagining.

I have every intention of finding the time to speed up the process, though I don’t see it happening. Which probably means that the estimated completion date will be about 2019.

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