Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.


updated Jan 2009

I’m Justin. I’m a Fort Smith native and a history nerd. I worked in web design for 11 years, 6 at the local university, 5 running my own business. I now work for Goodyear in the commercial truck tires division, in the National Accounts department. I love it. A great company I am proud to be a part of.

My hobbies are History, Playing Drums, My Church, Computer Gaming with friends, Bass Fishing, and Writing. These topic may be recurring themes. I’d like to have listed Rock Climbing in there, but my knees got old!

This site is like the rest of my writings: mostly for me. I have had comments turned off for a couple of years, but due to recent peer pressure, I am going to attempt to allow commenting. You probably will need to register first, and I may have to manually approve your posts before you see them. When last I disabled comments, I was receiving around 150 spam comments per day.

I don’t do Facebook. So here I am. Saying what I need to say, entertained when a friend says they actually read it. Nobody needs to.

Finally, you’ll “forgive me” if once in a great while my Christianity seeps through. If I was half the man I should be, it’d come through more often! Jesus Christ is the enduring center of my world. Why, you ask? Trust me, you’d like to know.


– Justin