Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Emergency Sirens

Quiescent: to be silent; to have no sound.
Aquiesent: to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively.

From same root word, L. quiescere, but different!
What a small step from the former to the latter.

The French nation participated, extensively, in the holocaust. There were some who led the way. There were some who resisted.
But a majority was silent. They just wanted coal to heat their houses.

After reading about Vichy for three hours…
After being angered by the “quiescent” nature of a great many mid-century French (Jackson 240)…
After being moved to tears by the breathtakingly reprehensible quote of Jascques Debu-Bridel: “Only silence has grandeur, all the rest is weakness”…

I left the Student Union and headed to Old Main for class. Half way there, something happened that I never heard take place in 4 years as an undergraduate, or during this past semester. Someone used the Razorback stadium PA system for an emergency warning system test.

After the voice explained – a voice turned up loud enough that half of Fayetteville heard him – the siren began, rising in pitch to the loudest terror.

It was one of the more terrible things I have experienced in recent memory.

Dear Lord God thank you for what I have never seen.