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The Twilight’s Last WHAT ?

Floyd and I watched the Super Bowl last night. We were both cheering for the Steelers, but someone was a little more ‘into’ it than me. Each time Pittsburgh made a good play, Floyd would run around the house leaping off of things.

Floyd Lands Rolling

This is an action shot of him just as he lands after stage diving into my lap from on top of the fireplace mantle, following Rashard Mendenhall’s 2nd touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

Despite the Steelers’ loss, it was a good game to see. Half-time was an excellent representation of that which constitutes today’s popular music.

As Jordan commented to me this morning:

Jane: Well, all I know is the show was a pretty good rundown of what ppl consider music right now – Lots of lights and autotune, and hey, you are a star!!
Oh, and jumping
Lots of jumping

The commercials were pretty good, including at least a couple of movie trailers that look pretty interesting. Transformers is my kind of special effects movie! I like explosions. In fact, you could almost say that my cinematic tastes are a direct parallel to the musical ones that brought the Black Eyed Pee-pees on stage.

Nah, bad analogy. I find some modicum of enduring value in the creativity and technology behind a Transformers movie. I didn’t find any at last night’s half time.

Best Commercial : The Darth Vader Kid
Worst : Groupon

Worst Tragedy: The National Anthem.

Most people are missing it, but listen closely… in her made-up line, when she repeats the twilight part, she really does say, “at the twilight’s last reaming.”

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