Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Not How We Imagined, Maybe Better – Part 2

A book must be interesting enough that we WANT to turn the page. In the case of life, it may seem absurd to expect that one could pause on any given “page” and consider yourself just as satisfied mid-story as you’d be with the resolution of the last page. “If you were satisfied in the middle, wouldn’t you just stop reading?”

Actually, no, not at all my imaginary friend. You mistake resolution with satisfaction.

There is a satisfaction that is both complete and yet yearns to be repeated, or pursued, or expanded upon. It is like unto the ability to enjoy the first bites of dinner, while you are still hungry. It’s like enjoying your job and yet still thinking of an eventual promotion.

Life has no conclusive last page, before which all the loose ends are tied up, the bodies buried, the wounds mended, “I love you’s” declared, apologies expressed, memoirs written and charitable endowments arranged.

You continue to wait for that one thing that will change it all and give you happiness, and it isn’t going to happen. And no, I’m not discounting the rebirth of Christianity. The mind and the attitude can enhance or destroy the life of any faith or creed.

Of course, if you don’t read books (cough cough) then my whole book analogy is FAIL.

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