Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

OCBC 50th Anniversary

I don’t lack for good role models, nor do I lack for heroes.

Oak Cliff celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past weekend. The giants among my giants were under one roof for one of the only times in my life.

Rev. Pat Campbell
Rev. Jack Bettis
Rev. Phil Whitten
Rev. Kent Sweatman
Troy Douglas

The weekend contained some of the most gripping preaching I have heard in years. And oddly enough, some of the funniest, as well.

I expected that by the odds, one or maybe two of the 5 would be interesting. But… just wow. It was 5/5.

And get this: how often is a church service so gripping that everyone agrees to skip the 30 minute fellowship break and just bring the next guy up to preach, postponing the eats for another hour later?

Memorable weekend, and a real blessing that we’ll remember for years.

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