Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.



Another vendor lady came in today with empanadas. Like small fritters or fruit pies.

Then the guys cooked out for lunch. Lots of good meats.

Rubio with zippered tire

Mid afternoon I got to hear my first tire zipper. Since the men were abiding by safety protocol, no one was hurt. It was pretty wild.

Explanation: most car tires hold about 35 pounds of air pressure. An exploding car tire is loud and dangerous. Commercial truck tires hold about 100 pounds. When they explode they are like a cannon and they are deadly. Most truck care facilities place tires in a “cage” that is somewhat similar to an oversized bike rack when inflating them. You can see the edge of it in the photo. So Rubio rolled one in, attached the valve and backed away. At about 85 pounds of pressure the side “zippered” or split apart at a weak point typically caused by driving on a flat tire.

I was in the front office when it exploded and I felt and heard it boom. We all ran to make sure no one was hurt. They weren’t, but the two men nearest, Rubio and Grandpa, had ringing ears.


Today I worked the morning, then had wings with 3 of the guys at Wings to Go, which is a lot like our Wingstop. Last night after work I ate Italian then went to Best Buy again. In my previous two visits I somehow completely missed an entire area of the store: Musical Instruments.

I sorta freaked when I saw it. I had seen indication online that Best Buy sold some musical merchandise but this… was entirely unexpected.

Guitar Wall

I packed two weeks worth of clothes, but I’m getting so dirty doing inventory that I have to shower and change when I get to the hotel. I brought slacks for if / when we finish inventory, but I only brought 3 pair of blue jeans. With no laundry mat within walking distance I just thought, I can wash my clothes by hand! So off I went, walking over to the HEB store, which is much like a mini walmart or target. So I got my bottle of detergent and some peanut butter cups because laundry is better with peanutbutter cups. When I walked back outside IT WAS RAINING AGAIN. Holy cow it just wont stop with the light showers! And no, Laredo never gets rain I am assured. The guys at work all now believe I somehow brought the rain since it began when I arrived. So it was raining and I walked back to the hotel in the rain. I got wet.

I got in the room, filled the tub with hot water, poured in some blue liquid and threw in my jeans. But after a few seconds of sloshing them around in the hot water, I thought to myself, why aren’t my hands all soapy? I guess I need more. I added another cup full. Still not soapy. I grabbed the bottle. Downy Fabric Softener.


At least I bought a sponge, which came in handy scrubbing them with hotel hand soap and a teashpoon of leftover shampoo from this morning.

So back to the blue jeans, then off to Appleby’s! It’s fun being the only Caucasian in a crowded restaurant.

Or city.

Oh, and I’m already recalling every ounce of Spanish that may have lodged in my rock-climbing infested brain twenty years ago. When I least expect it, I know what they are talking about. Wild.

Washy Washy Here in Da New Bwue ... Downy?

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