Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Chips and Salsa and Chips and Salsa and…

Ok, there’s a sense in which I belong here.
Salsa and jalapenos abound!

I think I’m Hispanic.

Ok, maybe Scottish Hispanic Choctaw. No matter, the point is that I love salsa and Laredo loves salsa and so I love Laredo. I couldn’t tell you all the things I have had with either salsa or jalapenos on it because I’m not entirely sure what all I have eaten. Or at least how to pronounce it.

Here’s a few more pics. We worked from 7 to 7 today so these are just fast phone pics.

Morning coffee in the lobby.

Drug Wars

Border town news here — different than border town news back home.

Quack Quack

Look it up.

May I hepl you?

This pic is because before running to Wattaburger to pick up lunch, Rolando says “Justin looks like he could work at Wattaburger, he should go.” When I walked in and saw that their shirts were exactly the same color orange as my shirt, I laughed. All the employees stood tall and hurried to look busy as I entered, before seeing my company logo.

The jalapeno burger is awesome.

Spicy Fruit

A lady walked into the store today with a sack of plastic containers with fruit. She said something, I told her I was sorry, hang on, then I yelled at Cynthia. “She’s selling fruit,” Cynthia explained. When a few others bought the 3 dollar baskets, I couldn’t resist. Then, to my amazement, the woman suddenly produced a hot sauce bottle kind of thing… that contained chili powder made especially for fruit. They liberally showered their fruit in the powder. It was like watching a train wreck that you just have to jump onto. So I liberally added it to mine as well.

Good enough I’ll buy some to bring home. Mild flavor, barely a touch of spicy.

Tomorrow the guys are all cooking out on the grill out back of the bays. They grill chicken wings, sausages, jalapenos and other things which they pick up in grilled flour tortillas and eat. They were grilling the day I arrived last week so this is my second helping.

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