Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Ford Rocks!

Friday, I hit a woman at lunch.

She pulled out in from of me from a side street onto Rogers Ave. I hit the brakes, and for once in my life, that Ford I drive did what it was supposed to do. The anti-lock breaks didn’t lock up.

I know, amazing. And yes, they have locked up time and again in the past. My favorite is when they randomly lock up when gently breaking in the morning. Randall Ford told me that was normal and that when the break pads wore down a bit it wouldn’t do that. They still do, always have. I’ve only ended up sliding into the middle of an intersection a few times.

Anyway, CUDOS Ford! The impact was minimal, the damage negligible, and since your product shames me, I didn’t care about cosmetic damage done to my bumper. In fact, it just occurs to me that I have yet to even look at my bumper. Hers was scuffed. Since it was her fault, I said no worries and we parted ways.

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