Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Hello? Hellooooooo?

At the University I didn’t participate in many meetings that I felt were productive, if even justified. At Goodyear I haven’t participated in many that weren’t both. I am in one of those now, a WebEx that totally rocks with a new national account customer. I am only making this post because the host’s connection is rebooting

What can be learned from this difference in meetings? (If it isn’t already glaringly obvious)

  1. Clear chains of authority are God’s design and are the most conducive to productivity
  2. Bureaucracies rarely fail to disappoint

Quote of the meeting:

“OK, before Dan begins his portion, if everyone could please mute their phones, we just have too much white noise and it’s interfering.”
*Short Pause*
“Ok, thank you, can everybody hear me now?”
*Dramatic Pause.*
Lone response: “We can’t answer you if we’re muted.”

Sure glad I was muted.