Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Vacation – Day 3

OK, at this point all I can say is, it hurts. My belly, that is. The jeans I wore for casual Friday at work last week were washed and came with me. Tonight I almost could not button them before dinner. SRSLY.

Since Jordan called me and said he and Susan are reading my posts, I’ll keep writing. Ok, maybe not Susan.

Morning Writing

So the last post was breakfast. I don’t even usually eat breakfast. It was excellent. That’s french toast with berries and bacon on the top back there. The hostess was a baker on a cruise line for years. She had a name for it that I feel silly saying.

Breakfast highlights: Butting into a conversation when I couldn’t stand it anymore because one guy said to another, “It was a really cool rainbow. I mean, I’m not sure but it may have been a double rainbow.”


Convincing the cook to go bring her Cornish Rex kitty down from upstairs so I could play with her.

Then I came back up to my room and got comfy on the porch looking across the valley and toward the mountain where the Christ of the Ozarks stands.

I wrote outside, on the porch, in the breeze until about 11:30. Only then was it starting to be too warm. Tomorrow I’m going to start even earlier for FULL ON DOUBLE PRODUCTIVITY that may be so awesome it will knock me down with awesome create-stuff rays.

I went to lunch, some things happened and more things, and my back hurts so I got a massage and an eye massage, and I met some hippies and ate some more and found some books and bought a new journal and ate some more while writing.

I ended up sitting in an icecream shoppe eating homemade strawberry shortcake icecream and drinking fresh roasted coffee, but as I was eating… something awesome began.

A guy walks in with a cd in hand. Another guy says “What ya got, Bill?” He says, “Some girl down in the park playing and singing. She’s real good.”

So I think, I wonder how much further down this hill of a town that is, cause I’d like to hear a girl singing in the park but man my stomach hurts and my back hurts because my stomach hurts. Maybe I should purge, I think to myself.

So I step outside and I can hear her. The park is nearby.

Now, last night I went to somewhere seedy to hear the only band playing, a bluegrass band that I really enjoyed: Springbilly.


But this voice in the park… This girl took my breath away.
Korey Mattox, solo with her mandolin.

I visited with her and her fiance, Jacob, a while afterward. Here is Korey’s MySpace page, where one example of her voice can be heard in “Sunshine”.

Playing on the street. From Korey's MySpace. I was too busy getting video for the sound to think to take a photo!

I don’t think anything can match this as the highlight of my stay!

Time to write.

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