Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Today’s Bluebird of Happiness Wasn’t Blue

In Perfect Harmony

In yet another /bow to Jordans Martin: e-harmony weekly mails continue. They give you article topics as hooks, but no content. This week’s headliner article made me wonder, but without an active account I had to write my own content.

5 Bad Habits That Tank First Dates.

1. Shoving her to get the preferred side of the booth.
2. “This isn’t the menu you’re looking for,” while wiggling your fingers in her face.
3. Asking her for a 6 letter word that starts with q and ends in g while you struggle over your next “Words With Friends” move on your i-phone.
4. Riverdancing your way to the bathroom because THAT’S FUNNY.
5. Telling her how all the girls you meet on Eharmony are higher quality than the ones on ho-match.com.

Thoughts on Quotes

“The disesteem into which moralists have fallen is due at bottom to their failure to see that in an age like this one the function of the moralist is not to exhort men to be good but to elucidate what the good is. The problem of sanctions is secondary. ”

– Walter Lippmann

It’s the same in writing history. No matter the dispicable, low-down duplicity of the individuals involved, professional historians are to paint the picture but not to interpret. A quality portrait speaks for itself.

Why? Because few listen to the unsolicited exhortations of a moralist. Words and witness is about capital wisely spent.

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.”
– Ben Stein

Poignant in light of last week’s question from the VP, “The question, Justin, is what do you want to do?”

I want to be a published author and a renowned drummer. I’m going to work on those.

Justin Douglas
Day 13,855

This morning there was this small but very fat bird on the wire outside behind my house, facing away from me. I whistled at him. He didn’t move. I whistled again. He looked to his left. I whistled again, he looked to his right. I began laughing. I whistled a third time and he leaned his little head down between his legs and looked under himself at me. Now THAT is an awesome way to start a morning. I told him I liked him and if he ever wanted to come inside I’d open a window.

Arriving at work, I was reminded of a corporate email distributed yesterday announcing a new office ritual — I now have a theory that no one can spell calisthenics right until their company starts doing them. If all the people who are threatening to wear sweatbands and leg warmers tomorrow do so, I’m going to sing some Olivia Newton John.

Let’s get physical.

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