Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

To Syracuse, with Love

Today I woke up late.

I didn’t so much like the smell of my new Lever soap.

I wore a vest that helps my confidence.

There was ice on all my windows.

I drank coffee on the way to work with no lid on it so I could see it steam.

I called a friend, his daughter answered his cell and wanted to read me a Bible verse. She did. I asked her to keep going. She slowly read me 2 chapters from the book of Mark. It was better than talking to my friend could ever be.

I ate a cupcake from a company smart enough to sneak butter into the filling.

I made progress on resolving my email debacle with hosting company.

I found out I am going to Kansas City in December.

I ate Wendy’s and bought co-workers Frosty’s.

I dropped by a small music store and might have left with a beginner’s mandolin, had the man been interested enough to get off the phone and help me.

Due to aforementioned email troubles, discovered an email on one of my accounts from a dear old friend from years gone by… and I was thrilled to find out, he has been secretly reading my site for years! /bowtoJames

Purloined a schedule deviation request submitted by a call center agent. “I am getting married and need next weekend off for the honeymoon! Thanks! – Cheryl” So, in my best boss handwriting, I scribbled, “Bull, Scheryl. You keep doing this – getting married – and you are not fooling anyone. I want your letter of commitment on my desk by tomorrow morning! Love, Mike” I somberly handed it back to her. She didn’t fall for it.

I fixed a double hot chocolate with a touch of coffee creamer.

I was reminded there will be a power outage tomorrow morning! Sleep late!

Day ends as good as it begins.