Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Export CMS to .csv?

Looking for a better way…

Thinking about better ways to get updates to the two field guys I am supporting. They don’t use smart phones atm. They justifiably fear them for the accessibility to them it would provide. Perhaps soon.

We CC everything to them so they see all the gritty details when they fetch their mail. But in the interim… between stops… in the car, plane, etc.

What kind of brief project updates could I get to them via mere sms text? Could a CMS update them? RSS feed them when I update it?

What about *when* they get Blackberrys.
What about an on-line spread sheet with calls and project updates that they could view and choose to import locally if they were only connecting briefly? Is there even any point to this over email? I think there is… a new email per update is too bulky. How about a new spreadsheet weekly.