Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Ok, I laughed.

Early Sunday Morning

There’s no point is unintentionally destroying things if you can’t laugh about it. And maybe during it. Last week, after impacting my garage wall, as soon as I had assessed that the truck had stopped without rolling off the front of the concrete slab, and that the garage wasn’t going to collapse upon me… My exact words were, “Whoa.” followed by, “Whoa!” and finally “Hmm, oh well. YES!”

One of my friends, in all his wisdom, asked incredulously, “Uh, why didn’t you step on the emergency break?” So I told him, “Emergency break? Are you kidding? I was so mad when the breaks failed that I threw my arms in the air like a stinkin’ roller coaster, stepped on the gas and yelled WHEE!”

I told Jordan no more than 3 weeks ago that I am convinced Ford Motor Company will be the death of me.

Wide eyed wall killer

I took a vacation day Friday to begin work on my garage. To the left, here, you see dad working hard while I take photos. Note the daylight on the ground revealing the displacement of the entire wall from the foundation.

I can’t say too much about the process, but in two days’ time we are almost finished. I think it will be more sturdy when we are finished than before the ‘event’. As usual, when I hang out with my father, I have learned new things.

1. Don’t touch that, it’s live.
2. Don’t put your face there.
3. Don’t stick your head through that.
4. No, that breaker doesn’t… never mind.

After two days, a great deal of advanced physics, a couple of car jacks and some great big steel cable, it is almost restored. Oh, and a couple of new power tools 🙂

Denver Omelet, ho!

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