Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Evaluation Period 2: GO!

There are four guys in IT with 4’s who are having few problems since installing a case to their phone. A couple got the official bumper (conveniently shown on a white phone, which is not yet available), one got a 5 dollar job and one got a free one online.

I went to Worst Buy and bought one last night, and while it is too soon to tell if the improvement in reception will be significant enough to keep me from changing to another phone, it indeed makes some difference from a couple of test spots within the office.

The phone is awesome, otherwise.

My insurance adjuster yesterday also had the phone, and he also had his first one replaced by a new one the day before. He was still having problems with the proximity sensor. Whenever he put the phone on his shoulder it either put people on hold or hung up on them. I examined his head while he was writing, and I could not determine if the odd shape was relevant.

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