Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jughead Jones re-release!

Today was my birthday. Yesterday I received the most awesome present from one of my “readers”. Yesterday I got a package from the great northwest. I begged and got permission to open the package a day early and WHOA HOLY COW YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME YYYEEEEAAAA WHOOOOOOO!!!11

My dear friend dug out my old highschool / college punk band’s 2 records we made and transfered both albums from cassette to cd. In Jughead Jones we made 2 albums: Blech (c1989) and Heck (c1991). I could have the dates wrong, it’s late right now. I have a Blech cassette and had painstakingly transfered 3 songs to mp3 a couple of years ago, but never managed to rip the rest. I couldn’t even find any of my copies of Heck! Now I have them both on cd, complete with re-constructed album covers and flyleaf!

Parts of my youth aren’t worth remembering. Jughead isn’t one of them. For years there are certain songs that have stayed with me (whether exactly correct or not!). Excerpts from just a few:

The Happy Song
Take away my pillow, I’ve got no place to lay my head…
Take away my girlfriend, I’m glad they didn’t take me instead!
Take away the one good thing that keeps me hanging on.
It’s ok, I’ve still got me, a Lightbright and a gun!

I can be happy!


I’d rather call, but we’d start a fight
So until I do, my phone’s still off the hook
It’s been a while now, I still sleep on my side.
Do you still bite your lip? Like you always did?

…All the things I said, couldn’t stop the world from crashing through.
Dragging through my head… all the things I should have said to you.

The most gratifying song to scream to while driving to work:

Bucket of Sin

You’re a beautiful maiden
In a desperate world
I wanna be there
To sweep you awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!

…Decisions decisions, which one should I pick?
My only confession
Is that I make myself SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, John, dear John. If you read this, send me some lyrics eh?

The song most worthy of air drumming to until you hyperventilate. Was that really me playing that? Dang, I’m sexy.

Spy Thriller
I’m losing control, that, along with my hair
Time holds for me what I want it to hold
Though I know things are never that concrete and simple
My head feels ok, Ginger’s purring at me!

And what is it about Troubled Year? Will I still love this song when I am an old man? In these past 20 years since John wrote this song, it has never left me.

Here I am
Knock me down
I feel
The cool wind
of my content
Watch me go
Watch me now

Thank you John.
Thank you Jason.
Thank you, Christi!

Happy Birthday to me!