Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.


OK, so from here Salt Lake looks just like what I thought it would. Flat flat flat Mormons BOOM MOUNTAINS.

Last night I didn’t make my flight, so Delta put me up locally. However, my luggage was more fortunate and made it to Sacramento.

Last night was fun in that “rofl you’re kidding, right?” sort of way. The whole thing is copmplicated, and both Delta and I share the blame, but the sweetheart wrist fipper, George , (my Delta drama … Queen?) Hooked me up! He was so sweet, he even called me “a rock star”. MuahahaHAHA you love it.

So this morning I got to keep laughing in the breakfast lounge when a distinguished Japanese elder virtually took my complimentary paper off my lap. It had barely left my hand onto the table beside me when he snatched it and returned to his table. Thing is, he had gotten up and moved towards me seconds before. But I was holding the whole paper, so was he going to ask for a section? Nope. Because he didn’t speak English. I learned this because when the shuttle pulled up, he hopped into the front bench seat in front of me. So I hopped in beside him.hehe!

Sure enough, no English. But he did know hand motions, like the one that says either WHOA you stink I’m wafing your odor, or in this case Don’t get so close to me in fact MOVE. I smiled and nodded.

Now I am at my gate. I can’t figure these Mormons out.I was kind of admiring the plain beauty of the ladies, but… These 6 that JUST NOW sat down beside me are anything but plain. **gasp**

Anyway, my week’s adventures on the left coast have begun with many laughs.

Hahahahaha being paged…