Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

The Lobby

Al Gonquin, IL, Holiday Inn Express lobby. 4:30, too early for breakfast. Poasting from my Black Berry, we’ll see if it works.

Yesterday I went around downtown Chicago with my corporate host. He’s a native, and hence adept at getting around.

I saw the typical stuff… Sears Tower, Trump’s new building, the under ground streets beneath it all, then we drove over to Wrigley Park. No game yesterday. I enjoyed seeing in person the tall, narrow houses that are ever visible behind the outfield.

It was all very cool, and it is bothering me that I enjoyed downtown so much. Chicago is not like any other major city I have been to. Only Denver would come close, and even that is nice in a very different way. Eh, can’t try to explain typing on phone. Maybe later.

Today I get to meet a friend in Detroit for lunch. If my flight isn’t delayed!