Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

The Good Camper

from February 4, 2010

Yesterday I read an article about prostate cancer and prevention. I’m getting close to 40 and I need to care about such things. Rephrase: I care about such things.

The article brought good news all around. Almost.

“Lots of coffee is good for prostate health. Six or more cups is the key.” YES! I can’t tell you what encouraging news this is. This makes me want to dance. Considering the topic, we’ll just make it the peepee dance.

“Tomato products benefit prostate health.” OH WOW. Do you REALIZE Fort Smith has 23 Mexican restaurants because of ME? Salsa is my milk. I am surprised I don’t involuntarily say words in Spanish that I never was taught. I have my mother’s home made salsa to thank for this addiction. Growing up I would come home from school, sit down with a jumbo bag of Mexican Original corn chips and a jar of mom’s salsa. One half a mason jar of salsa per sitting. Only in recent years has it declined to about 1/3 jar per sitting.

“Regular sexual activity, i.e. five times per week, keeps the prostate healthy and helps prevent cancer.”

So I’m drinking twelve cups of coffee a day and feeling great. Thus far in life, my prostate is a happy camper.

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