Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Get it Right

from Sunday February 15, 2009

Tonight I left work, dropped a disposable camera off at Bedfords, then came home and played my drums. I played them fast and furious and athletic until my muscles gave out and I collapsed laughing.

Then I hooked my laptop up to the set (they’re electric), and discovered it was actually very simple to record myself.

A coworker plays guitar and has told me I should bring him a track to play and compose to.

I played another hour, time and again deleting what was me.

I wish I could do the same with more things. Delete until I get just the right take, and then bring that with me to work to distribute.

After a 2nd collapse, I quit. I stripped naked, then walked the steep stairs to my clawfoot tub.

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