Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Nice Weather

AC out in my building.
Doors open.
Nice day.

I have pretty much decided: all I want out of life is to fish.
You laugh but I mean it.

Ok, so there are a few other things on my list, but that’s high up there.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who are strongly against the local Ca$ino idea. I keep starting to make a post in reply to the reply to my post below, but have been a bit busy. Attempting to convey boring statistics and economics to those whose minds are likely already made up for emotional reasons is a tenuous process, at best, and one I would much rather someone else undertake. (Not saying the friendly replier below is of this sort. I am stereotyping.)

You know, following the craziness of the Gore/Bush election, I recall the trend among certain elected officials to publicly express their willingness to abolish the Electoral College. That one made me so mad that I spent two days solid sitting in my office doing absolutely nothing but researching the College, why it exists, what the net effect is of its existence, and what the ramifications would be of its abolition. It was enlightening, though not just for the history, and I sent my close friends a summary of my research on the matter. Like so much else, gambling included, the evidence not just strongly, but obviously leans a certain direction. Yet, in gambling as with the EC, people believe what is the most comfortable for them to believe.

I still maintain that mandatory logic and reason classes during secondary education would bring about the eradication of a viable left wing in a single generation. Fat chance, though. *adds to list of things to do when President* SEE? There’s my point. I just want to fish! I don’t want to be the President because life is too short to put up with not getting to fish. But every time I see lemming mode taking a stronger role than it normally holds, I get sucked in to caring. And with caring comes doing, and with doing there is no fishing. Oh, I don’t know, maybe Kenny Bunkport has good fishing, beats me.

So my EC sheet gets around beyond my close friends. I get feedback. Then one day an attorney from Washington D.C. sends me an email commenting on my analysis. He disagreed, suggesting something that was logically unsound and simply refuted. Nevertheless, I chose not to further engage. Why? Because doing means not fishing. And I like fishing, see?

So I haven’t done just a lot of fishing in the past couple of weeks, and I have engaged many people in conversation on the Casino issue, but stopping to quantify my arguements in writing is going to demand more time. More time in which I could be fishing or playing a computer game or working on projects. The research has been done. The reports are there – I have read the major ones. I know the facts as best academia, government, and sociology have determined, and I even read the deceptive fact wrangling of the gambling industry’s fact sheets. It comes down to mustering the motivation to do.

The Gambling (not an Industry, so what to call it?) Institution’s greatest asset and their greatest mistake is deception. It does take them so far, but therein I will enevitably find my motivation.

Tonight I’m going fishing.

  • Mr. Douglas,

    I agree with one thing in this ranting: I too wish to fish as much as possible. Give me a call sometime when you get off the drugs, and I’ll learn you a thing or two about catchin’ fish! I don’t live that far away!
    Sandra and I have a 7 month old little girl. Her name is Chloe.
    I saw James * a couple of weeks ago in Fayetteville. He has a 7 month old little boy, J2.
    It’s good to see that you are still alive! I think this Friday and Saturday I’m going to Choteau bend. The sandies should be runnin’!
    Give me a shout sometime! Sandra and I would love to see you.