Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jim Caviezel

Last night I cooked. It was an event worthy of having witnesses, so friends came to witness and taste. I made Monte Cristos. Ham and turkey sandwiches with Swiss and American cheesees, battered and deep fried, topped with confectionery sugar and served with a small bowl of raspberry jam. They were a success.

We watched some movie with Jim Caviezel described on box as “Beowulf meets Predator”. Meh. The whole time I am thinking that I know him from some other movie (not the obvious ones, Count and Passion). Nevertheless, it hadn’t occurred to us eating our Monte Cristos that Jim Caviezel was in The Count of Monte Cristo.

Today I realized where I knew him from. The Thin Red Line (1998). I can honestly say I have gazed into Jim Caviezel’s eyes with bullets flying past and thought only of leaves, grasshoppers, and women wrapped in curtains.

Sigh. The Thin Red Line. Worst movie ever? There is one 15 minutes sequence in that movie that is a good battle scene. Otherwise, the movie is purely medicinal. 100% success rate curing insomnia with minor side effects being nightmares of having to watch the movie awake.

Today it is raining and chilly out, and my office window is open. People speak to me but I can only see the water splashing onto the window screen. Running down. Slowly. Air on my face.
Water drips.
Water drips.

That vase.

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