Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

We Want a Shrubbery! Or two.

I don’t know if Saturday was extraordinary, but it was notable. I left home around 9am to go grab a couple of shrubs and some mulch. I’d be home in an hour or so.

But first, I would drop by Mocha Joe’s for a cup of coffee and a couple of bags of beans. As I walked through the door, John, the owner of Blazin’ Burrito who I befriended last winter right there at Mocha Joe’s, says my name. I step toward the counter and the owner, Kyle greets me. So does Emily, who goes to my church. I look to the side and two other men I only know from Saturdays at Joe’s are there. We speak briefly.

Taking a seat, I visited with John and Andy, both business owners strategizing a plan to raise funds to offset the Southside Band’s loss of $250,000.00 to an apparently crooked travel agent from Hawaii.

An hour and a half later I left with my beans.

I love walking around at Sharum’s when I need a tree or shrub, but I made decent time choosing my two multi-colored Boxwoods. Next, I’d drop by Wal-Mart for my mulch. I was behind schedule now, so it would be a brief stop.

I got a great parking spot, near the mulch outside, I walked over and was looking down at the bags of peat moss when a voice asks what I’m looking for.
“Oh, ground cover, cedar chips probably.”
“Ah, well that’s peat, the chips are down there.”
“Yeah, just wondering how I would ever use this moss.” And I look up and it’s not an employee, it’s Bobby Altes.

An hour later, after talking local and state politics, we part from that spot, I choose my red mulch and depart. I now had a sunburn and I hadn’t even begun my day of yard work.

As I was pulling away, I dialed ahead for burgers from Reed’s drive in, which is about ONE minute from Wal-Mart. Their old fashioned mustard-pickle-onion hamburgers are the best in Fort Smith, with White Spot giving them a good run for their money.

I returned home at 1pm. I pulled 5 dead shrubs, planted my Boxwoods, then decided I needed weed guard and ran down to Yeagers. I returned home and began laying the rubber sheets, only to realize I needed the little pins to hold it down. I went back to Yeagers and got the pins, layed it, pinned it, then dumped 9/12 bags of red mulch.


Throughout the day Tasha and her mother were working hard in her yard planting, trimming and painting. At some point between 1pm and 7pm, each and every neighbor that I know on my street walked over to say hello.

Then I picked a stem of my mint for later, cleaned up, then made fresh mint tea. It was awesome.

Then I shaved half of my beard, WHICH LOOKED FREAKY, sent my little brother a picture, then shaved it all, WHICH LOOKS FREAKY. Floyd showed concern for my loss of furr.

It was a day that felt best near it’s end.

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