Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.


My brilliant idea from the weekend was to start an Ice Cream company. All the employees will dress up like law enforcement. Our slogan will be “To Protect and Soft-serve”.

Our signs will say “Our flavors are ARRESTING!”

TV spots will say, “Let us put you behind one of OUR bars!” as chocolate ice cream bars encase the screen.

Flavors will include Handcuff Truffle, Glock Grape, Sig Fig, Three-Nut Spreadem’, Hands Up Buttercup, Don’t Shoot Mixed Fruit, Miranda Banana, Concealed Carry Cherry, Pat Down Dark Brown, Dumb Rookie Cookie, Candy Pink Precinct , Swat Team Sour, Perp Purp, Push em’ from the Railing Praline, Watermelon Felon, Incarceration Sensation, Riggs and Murtaugh’s Marshmellow Madness, and Donut.

Other menu items will include
Cream-filled alternative snack: Cagney and Lacey’s “Hot Cop” Pastry
House Soup will be: Beretta Black Chedda
Sandwiches: The Hot Ham-mer Slammer and The Rodney King Jalapeno Club (‘Your bowels will take a beating’)

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