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Perspective for the Wealthy

from May 2012

So I applied for a new position within Goodyear. It was a management position that would take on a considerable amount of responsibility, naturally requiring longer work hours. I interviewed well but didn’t get the position.

Immediately upon telling my buddies (who don’t work for this corporation) that I had applied and felt that I had a good shot, I started getting the most inane comments and advice. “Don’t take less than 80 grand,” “Is it six figures? I wouldn’t take less than six figures.” “I wouldn’t take that kind of job for less than 100k.”

You talk about degrading and discouraging. These friends are mostly computer guys, and any talk of income reminds me of our differences… reminds me of the white castle that IT often resides in. Since some of those friends read this, I’ll just say that in discussing such comments with other friends (who make above average salaries themselves), we agreed as to how such disheartening comments can be uttered in all sincerity.

They’re computer people. That’s their world and they think it is normal across the board, for all of us. When they speak of being stuck in a rut, they mean they don’t know how to top 70 or 80k. The average adult in Arkansas quite literally looks to the future in hope of making 40k a year. But even at 38k (the average), they are within the top 5% richest people in the world.

Here are some numbers, gathered from more than a dozen websites. No guarantee of accuracy, but on most sites I saw corroborating numbers that make me feel these are sound.

Remember: Arkansas recently ranked 21st position as the best States for Business according to Forbes. We have an extremely low cost of living, as well, making our dollars go further.

Average Arkansas Salary: $36,800
Median income in Sebastian County: $38,724

Average salary in Fayetteville: $37,000
Benton county, home of some of the greatest wealth in the United
States: Median Income: $52,417

RN’s in AR : $39,000
CNA’s: $29,000
Ultrasound Technician: $52000

Medicine and Health Services Managers 1,890 of them avg: $49,020

General Managers and Top Executives 25,760 of them, mean: $50,800

Food Service and Lodging Managers 2,260 of them avg: $27,230

Education Administrators: 3,560 at $52,380

Financial Managers: 4,080 at $46,180

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations Managers 1,970 at $51,330

Engineering, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Managers 1,520 at $60,200

Anyone who makes over 40 grand in Arkansas SHOULD be living one of the most comfortable lives in the history of mankind. Sound wrong to you? It likely does because we have have been conditioned to unprecedented wealth. But I remind you: 50k a year puts you in the top 1% wealthiest people in the world. http://www.globalrichlist.com/

SIX FIGURES? Oh, sure, there are many people making six figures in Arkansas. If I play my cards right, I can attain that within the next twenty years… If I want to play my cards that way. But that would come near the end of a full career, after years of working hard and proving myself over and over and over. It is the result of walking very, very slowly up a long hill. We have to keep our perspective realistic when looking over the castle wall.

Not always, but typically the longer the schooling, the greater the avg income. Here are the ‘wealthy’ careers in Arkansas:

The average salary for computer programmer jobs in Conway, AR is $68000.
Average Computer Programmer Salary in Little Rock, AR: $71000
another site puts the overall state average much higher at $85,000.

That puts IT people on par with attorneys, who are variously reported to average $49,000 – $80,000 in Arkansas.

Greater money is made in the medical field, though not as much as some might think:
Median Dentist: $122,000
Average Doctor: 103,000 – 140,000

So there you have it. The average person in Arkansas makes around $38,000 a year, and of those exceeding this amount, most jobs are below $60,000 a year. A small minority of people earn above this, and they are primarily doctors, lawyers, I.T., and large corporate executives.

If you earn $50,000 you are in the top 0.98% richest people in the entire world.

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