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Old MRE Day

Having a brother in law in the Army brings one certain random items laying about, such as an old uniform, worn combat boots, etc. Some time ago Tony gave me a random MRE he had laying about in the way. Actually, the more I think on it, I think he may have sent it home as a hello token from Iraq on tour 1.

Tour 1 – 2003 maybe? Yes, I’m pretty sure today’s MRE was 10+ years old. Menu No. 17, Beef Ravioli.

Ravioli Entree
Two large crackers
Cheese packet
Slim Jim

Today I ripped into my old MRE for lunch. I’ve had MRE’s over the years and almost always find them from decent to very good for ‘camp’ type food. Today would have been no exception, had the food been… not so old.

The hydrogen heating unit worked just fine in the sealed packet, heating my Lasagna to about the right temp. The high end of the angle was a bit cold but it was over all a hot meal, and decent. The liberal addition of Tabasco from the included tiny bottle made better.

The peaches were funny tasting, two bites and threw them out. The crackers were bleh, probably normal. The cheese had darkened considerably. One bite and threw it out. The brownie was the most ‘as intended’ item. It tasted like a coffee brownie, I’d say. Eatable, split it with a coworker. The Slim Jim was slightly affected by age, ate half of it.

According to this chart, my MRE had a room temp shelf life of about 40 months. I’m guessing I ate it at 120 months. Less than ideal and probably not healthy. But an informative experiment!

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