Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jeepers Peeper, Part 6 – Going Out

Thursday, February 9

The cat got so agitated last night that I got agitated, geared up and went outside in the dark. I didn’t find anything, thankfully. I half expect to find a neighborhood cat out there. Last time someone was pecking on my window a year ago I snuck outside and around the side of the house, sprung out and spotlighted the glowing eyes of a cat at Floyd’s window. I guess we’ll call him the 2nd peeper.

I told Lindsay today at work, I hope when I round the corner and he’s staring at me that I don’t poop myself, or just launch into a barrage of random gunfire
at my windows, or all three WHILE screaming like a girl (which is likey).

“How was your night?”
“Oh, went out peeping. Got spotlighted by some gay dude who screamed, then crapped himself, then shot himself. I just stood there like WHAT THA?
Then I just came on home.”

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