Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jeepers Peeper, Part 4 – Screams at Dusk

Tuesday, Feb 7
After work yesterday I changed and went out to work on the fence a bit. My neighbor, Gus, must have seen me out there with my tool belt, hammer and cordless drill and thought, wow, that looks manly. I think I’ll out-do him. So he was out in his workshop doing something with a Skilsaw. When darkness was upon us, I packed it all up and put the tools back in their places, then I saw Gus heading to his back door. I hollered, he came to the alley fence and we chatted a bit. I told him about the peeper and while we were talking, the pleasant quiet of the cold dusk was broken by a resounding series of violent shouts to the tune of, “Get out of here! Go! You get out of here! Get away from here. I said get out of here!” (there was much more profanity involved).

I have heard many a man yell at a stray dog or cat. This was at a human. Gus and I both knew it. It was such a clatter, Gus hopped the fence and we headed down the alley to see what was the matter. We headed up the street and found nothing. No one. We thought maybe it was the peeper coming to work early, and the older widower up the street caught him. I plan on dropping by to talk to him today.

After Gus and I parted ways, I spoke with the neighbor across the street, single man, and his neighbors, a family. The family invited me in for the leftovers of their just completed dinner, and dad and I talked in the kitchen. Baked chicken, green beans and scalloped potatoes!

Floyd waited patiently on the porch. There were no incidents after retiring for the evening.

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