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Jeepers Peeper, Part 3 – The Gate

Monday, Feb 6
Last night I worked on the fence until dark. Floyd watched from inside atop the fridge, which is by the back door since the kitchen tile project. Since taking out the garage wall with the F250, there are some minor electrical issues I haven’t exactly ironed out. e.g., the garage light turns the refrigerator on an off. So the
fridge is still by the back door, which the kitty appreciates for the window view of backyard activities.

At 1am I got into bed and was hardly comfy with the Touchpad when about 15 feet from my window, someone open my front gate. The sound of the creaking metal of a fence gate is distinct. It startled me and Buddy began barking. I swiftly but softly slid from the bed and tiptoed from the room.. the only room with a light on. I realized I’d forgotten my phone, so I went back for it. I was wearing only sweatpants, phone in pocket, firearm in hand. I began to peep out the blinds, moving about window by window. The problem with sneaking about in an old frame house is, you almost can’t! The old hardwood beneath creaks and things shift and crackle. Then you add 12 or 15 randomly placed booby traps known as cat toys and you have an unseen gauntlet. The last time I attempted to sneak in the dark from one room to another, I knocked the boom stand with my heavy ride cymbal over onto the drum set for an effect that was something slightly less than stealthy.

Floyd mocked me for that one.

This time only one floor squeak that wasn’t too bad, nevertheless I found no peeper while peeping. I went to bed thinking of silly things like putting hot sauce on the fence gate.

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