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Jeepers Peeper, Part 2 – The Front Window

Catching up on the peeper log:

Wednesday, Feb 1
I’ve been told that I am oblivious to my surroundings, which probably has more to do with my vision than my awareness. But other times I am acutely aware of what should and shouldn’t be. People who aren’t just a little bit cautious are the ones who get hit with tire irons in Wal-Mart parking lots, or worse for women, get taken. Why is Wal-Mart a popular crime location? Hmm. They need Wal-Cops, cousins to Mall Cops.

So for a couple of years I have been wondering when PEEPER would be back. Not that I care a great deal because thanks to the previous owner, there’s almost no cracks in the blind / curtain combo of concealment in my house, unless someone pulls them back to look out at night.

Like, say, a kitten.

Floiban is one little claw-wielding bundle of spazmosity. He comes from a long line
of hunters and stalkers, so when you don’t hear him, you know what’s going on. A couple of weeks ago he became obsessed with the front window after dark.
Specifically, he wanted to kill it. I spray him with my “Floyd and Garden Sprayer” and he just runs a big circle and goes back. When it’s dark out and light in, I can’t see what he sees until I am at the window, so it is hard to see what he’s looking at – which is always gone by the time my nose is against the glass window.

Then I saw that my back wood fence gate that I never use, was ajar. Someone didn’t cover their tracks. And around that time, I noticed an evening glow heretofore unrealized. Tasha’s deck light was staying on all night. I was happy for this, but guessed as to why. I called her one evening. She told me, “Yes, the neighbors saw a guy in the bushes, then he jumped the chainlink fence between your house and mine.”

We will be watching. We agreed to peek out toward one another a few times during the evening.

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