Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Trying Out Decaff Beans

Addict’s Log 2/7/12

745 grind decaff beans in shame, hope cat doesn’t think less of me.
759 enter work with container held low. Will anyone notice?
820 breakroom should be cleared of the first waves, enter and brew.
828 pour first cup, taste. Disappointment. Better than normal decaff, but can’t
compare to regular French Roast.
930 a.m. abruptly enter the first stages of withdrawal. Extremely tired. Fell asleep working and flinch so hard I splash my coffee onto keyboard.
932 eat a post-it note
945 return to break room and pour a half cup of regular office coffee into the decaff.
946 hurk
1000 tell myself I’m getting better
1001 tell myself I’m getting better
1005 buy Cherry Pie from vending mach. Selection C4 because it’s EXPLOSIVELY yummy.
1011 too tired to continue log

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