Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jeepers Peeper

Two years ago I got a phone call from my elderly neighbor to tell me she’d seen a
peeping tom looking into her windows. I told her I hadn’t seen him, but to call if
they saw him again. “I’ll come running out screaming like an idiot. Maybe that’ll
help.” Later I thought to myself, man, I sure hope she doesn’t call.

A few weeks passed. She called again. “Justin, this is Peggy. That peeper came back last night. He was looking into my window and I thought, I’ll just get my gun. So then he came back and when I yanked open the curtain, there he was just grinning and wiggling a pistol around in the air. I saw him trying to look into your windows, too.”

Ok, I thought, so Peggy has dementia. “I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for him, you call me if he comes back.” She never called.

Two months later the guy was arrested a few blocks up for peeping.

Well, he’s back. I wondered how long it would take. I’ll post updates, just wanted to get the preface out first.

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