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I am the Walrus – Part 2

Part 2

U.S. income taxes have popped up over the centuries to pay for wars, supposedly beginning with a 3% tax on the wealthy during the Civil War. In 1913, the sixteenth amendment made the income tax permanent. Over the decades we have taken HUGE percentages of their money away from successful people. Many times since WWII the tax rate on wealthy people has been well above 50% of their income. In fact, and you might not believe this…

During WWII, then again in the 1960’s, the rate for the wealthiest Americans was over 90%.

Despite the fact that by party affiliation, approximately 50% of our nation believes this is how things ought to be, it is still just plain immoral. It is called stealing. The hatred in the hearts of so many people for those who are wealthy is astounding, but that’s human nature: Selfishness, Jealousy and Covetousness.

I say these things while I still make a modest income. While I’m still nowhere near the top tax bracket. I have no foreseeable prospect of ever entering that bracket in my lifetime. Nevertheless, I admire those who are creative or work hard and get there. And for those born into it… that’s just fine. God put them there, why would I hate them or want their possessions taken away? I already pay something like 30%, but it only hurts when I look at my pay stub. Otherwise, I’m blissfully ignorant and can pretend I’m not being robbed by my own government in order to pay for inane fluff that no sane person would willingly invest in.

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