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Pwnd by Excel

Part 1:
At work we have a saying that is uttered often with great derision: “PWND by Excel!”

We say it loudly when Excel defeats us… when we try to do something simple and the whole thing blows up. When we try to simply paste some text into a cell and an entire column becomes bold, or when we try to unfreeze a pane and the whole document turns pink. Ridiculous things that I genuinely believe are nothing more than the sick hilarity of Microsoft programmers.

Part 2:
I bought a house. It was yellow inside. I have been painting. Choosing colors was interesting, somtimes fun, now my mantle is covered in little color sample tabs from WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Sherman Williams.

With ZERO regard for the names of the colors, I have chosen Sherman Williams colors I like:

Dorian Gray

Today out of nowhere, in the middle of a conversation with Jordan, something dawned on me. My house is the color of my Excel. Jordan began laughing and said, “Your bedsheets match your spreadsheets!”

Pwnd by Excel.

  • This is a comment on the previous post (since you have comments turned off): I will most deffinitely be remembered by my naval lint collection. Just you wait and see! – love, SherWIN Williams

  • LOL.
    General Sherman Williams, to you, mister.

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