Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

The Fall of Greece, Again.

Greece imploded with debt and almost took down the entire European economy. That’s common news for a year now.

As long as Greece makes major cuts to government spending, the rest of the EU is willing to help, giving them financial aid to help them climb from their hole.

Because they have no self-control, they are in this predicament. And for the same reason, their escape from total disaster has been taken over by the other members of the EU. If they do not do exactly what the others say, they get no aid from them. It’s like a big EU family intervention with the little brother who overdosed and had to be shocked back to life with paddles.

The other nations say to cut government spending. Left with no choice, they have done so, little bit at a time. Violence has been the result. You just can’t give people government money (as free gratis or even via public sector employment) and then suddenly stop it merely because you’re broke. The masses are not ok with this cruel behavior, and they demand the spending resume.

The spending was based upon massive borrowing from the EU members, which has cold-turkey stopped. But no matter, don’t let logic or impossibilities get in the way of what must be done. They want their money back, and they are protesting, rioting, looting and burning other people’s stuff to let you know they mean business.

The U.S. is in a similar situation, and I promise you, we are on the verge of violence. How can we guess this? Because the unemployment of the great depression is all but here, only now we have an utterly depraved generation of selfish looters of other people’s money. The most debase among those who are hurting see their problems differently than 90 years ago. Today they see this as entirely someone else’s fault. Their place in life was caused by other people, and other people are responsible to elevate them. Should the other people choose not to for long enough, they promise violence.

And here’s the sure proof violence will come:
During the recent budget debates about our enormous debt, virtually everyone agreed that cutting spending is vital. But the two dominant parties agreed to actually increase spending, then they shook hands for the tv cameras and declared they had cut it.

Therefore, since it begins to appear as if even dire situations and common sense don’t motivate these politicians, we will continue to borrow, just like Greece, and eventually OUR creditor(s) will demand that we stop. The conservatives will finally agree, the liberals will demand that we spend MORE in order to achieve cutting, and the looters will do what they were born to do.

Including loot vinyl.

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