Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Hey, Mass, What gives?

Only heartland America has much charity left in it, and while it is much more than the west coast or the Yankee states, it is still not much.

Despite what some always insist, man is not inherently good, and we will not by default seek to make sacrifices in order to help one another and create a better society. Among everyone everywhere there may be a remnant of spiritual greatness, but do not expect, in times of crisis, for it to prevail during this generation.

Fact: The poorest state in the union is Mississippi. The state who gives the most to charity is also Mississippi See the whole list. Arkansas is usually near the top of these lists. The converse is true with the wealthiest states. Notice who they are, and know that they are near the top of the wealthiest states in America.

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