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The Coming Riots – Part 2

To begin with, a majority of these people apparently do not understand and thus cannot appreciate capitalism. Most think that there are no negative consequences FOR THEM to taking away money from someone that earned it. They very genuinely do not care about who they are taking it FROM, they just want it. They come by this ignorance honestly, as we are several generations deep into this lie. Even our congress continues to believe this, and pompous members become furious when the victims of their injudicious actions react in any way resembling self-preservation (read of the recent 5$ ATM fee by Bank of America).

They do not grasp or are willfully ignorant of the simple truth that if you increase taxes and fees on a business, they have to make up for it some way or the other in order to stay in business. They must increase their own fees to customers, or else lay off employees. Or at least freeze the hiring of new employees.

Taxes are necessary for a modern society. The wise usage of tax money helps the economy to stay healthy. However, there is a point of diminishing returns… a point at which what has been helpful becomes too excessive and begins to become less and less helpful, until finally it becomes damaging.

But taxes are a red herring I just happily chased for a moment. It appears from their own signs and words and megaphones that these are some of the most ignorantly selfish people in all of society: the ones who, when they encounter hard times, refuse to take responsibility for solving their problems, instead choosing to demand that other people work to solve them.

About 50% of the working people in America have gotten together and pitched in to pay for stuff for the other 50%, who pay nothing from their income. They built roads leading right up to these protesters’ parents’ homes. They’ve created highway systems for them to drive to concerts, and they’ve even created several systems of defense to keep them safe from being slaughtered or becoming slaves. They have helped subsidize their electricity infrastructure so they can live in the lap of technology, their phone system, their cable, and their internet access. They have given even more money to make their schooling less expensive, and to make it free for the ones who are serious and make good grades. In fact, so many things about which you might say, “but that’s paid by state tax or sales tax,” are paid for or enriched by the money that these tax payers have pitched in from their own earnings.

But these people who have taken care of them just don’t give enough. They need to give more and stop hogging all the money in the first place. If they have a job, they need to give their income – and I mean MOST of it – to people who don’t.

So here these great minds gather, on streets and bridges most didn’t pay for, in parks most don’t pay to maintain, protected by free speech most didn’t earn, demanding immediate resolution to a thousand disparate social injustices, all of which are apparently caused by anyone who has part ownership of a corporation or makes very much money in general. A few of their complaints are actually valid (oversight of the FED?), many are laughable, and many prove that while we need to keep an eye on them for the day they turn violent, we need not listen to them.

But just in case you want to listen, here are the reasons they are protesting… What I personally have heard on news and videos of the protesters and their reasons. Several of these were uttered by organizers.

  • Corporate Greed, it needs to stop and they “aren’t leaving until it does.”
  • Our corrupt system where people don’t get what they’re worth.
  • Domestic Abuse.
  • Police brutality.
  • Poverty that the rich don’t care about.
  • Equal salaries for everyone, even the unemployed.
  • Totally free college.
  • The abolition of all debt, personal and national, including worldwide.
  • Better Nutrition for everyone (specifically better drink selection in stores, says the leader of one city protest)
  • Fire all Bosses (“No employers – No unemployment” read the sign)
  • End all War
  • End Capitalism
  • Further Restrict police power because “Police aren’t people” read one sign.

Mark Twain Mug

I gave this to my father when I was 14. I dug it out and wrapped it back up and gave it to him at age 21 on Father's Day.

I remember thinking a little like this at about 17 years of age. I remember trying to avoid reason or logic in favor of what OUGHT to be. Actually, it’s more accurate to say, I recall grasping at something elusive… something cloudy that I just could not put my finger on. Something that was at the back of my mind telling me that my emotional responses were unsound. It had no name, though my father spoke it plainly. It had no place in my mind, though it was pounding at me from all sides, and when it finally eased into focus at around 19 years of age, I laughed and thought, where have YOU been?

It is easy to mistakenly conclude that this movement will be as harmless as their thoughts are irrelevant. It is easy to see them for what they obviously are, then flip the channel. I have felt what they feel, been in their unemployed shoes, and certainly felt the anger against corruption in government. For this I identify.

Despite my naivety and childish lack of reason, despite my guilt at having sincerely believed utter foolishness, despite my shame at having been heard arguing openly for said foolishness, I was never so moronic as to believe for a moment that others should work for my salary, that anyone should be stopped from realizing extraordinary dreams greater than my own, or that by merely demanding it, the “world peace” of beauty pageants would materialize.

If I was the President I’d go on tv and announce that all these demands have been met, everyone can go home and shower, now. “My fellow Americans, let me be clear. Make no mistake, the 1960’s will NOT be tolerated.”

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