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Grandad and Grease Lightning

SIGH. Since when is Fergie not the Duchess of York?

My grandad (d.1993) used to come to Fort Smith on Saturdays and take my little brother and I for ice cream. We’d load up into his old pickup truck, we’d drive down Pheonix ave. to Old Jenny Lind, take a left and stop in the curve at Reed’s Drive-In. Reeds had the best hamburgers in town, at some dirt cheap price of like 50 cents each. But it wasn’t what we went there for with grandad.

Reeds would swirl you up a vanilla icecream cone, then turn it upside down and dip it into a vat of chocolate coating. I don’t know why children holding cones can’t tilt them without them dumping, yet the ladies at Reeds could defy gravity.

Today Reed’s is named something else, but at least it’s still there, and still serving cheap, delicious greasy burgers in the spirit of the location. I haven’t asked for a chocolate dipped cone in years, but I still go there some Saturdays. It is, in fact, the only restaurant in my phone list. I like to call when I am about to leave Wal-Mart on Zero, so there is minimal waiting when I get there. I order 5 burgers and a coke.

Boys never forget time spent with grandads and dads.

So what does grandad and Reed’s have to do with Fergie? Nothing. Fergie made me think of Lady Di, Lady Di always make me think of my oldest sister and our childhood, and somewhere a step or two later, grandad and Reed’s. This other Fergie… I watched 15 seconds of a video. Poor earth.

  • You are just jealous because you are not “Fergalicious.” lol

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