Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Jordan Returns from Vacation

me: Welcome home! I mean, back1!
Sent at 8:53 AM on Tuesday
Jane: rofl thx
so pumped to be here…….
me: i bet
Jane: glad it makes u happy!
me: yeah, i am happy!
Jane: speaking of making u happy……i have a gift 4 u
me: i was PRETTY MUCH pulling a tommy boy
oh ya? a gift?
Jane: indeed
me: i have an idea – tomorrow I have a dentist appnt across street at 8am. You should come too, and lay in the chair BESIDE me.. not beside me IN the chair, cause that’d just be gay, but in the chair BESIDE be, and we could hold hands.
Jane: asdkfjlal;
me: … and visit.
Reminisce down memory lane about memories that we remember.
Sent at 9:17 AM on Tuesday
me: NO?
I’ll take that as a no.

Yesterday I had my 6 month dental cleaning. You know what’s fun? To lay back very casual like and just wait until they lean forward to look in your mouth and then smile and have chocolate brownie just CAKED all over your teeth and gums.

There are so many sweets in the office lately that the poor Weight Watchers group is doomed. A crusty ole’ guy in the office named Tom often has no filter. One morning we entered the kitchen and upon seeing a plate of brownies, he declared, “Come on, boys we better eat up these sweets. It’s like fallin’ on a brownie hand grenade, we gotta save some of these fat women.”

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, the kind of 70 degree day you wish you could take a screen shot of and set as your daily desktop of life.

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