Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Shark Repellant – Part 1

Envision something. It’s a story that I’m sure has occurred many times in history, especially in the great naval fleet days, as well as the early cruise line days. People have experienced similar situations to what I am about to describe (civilians and soldiers, alike) only here I want you to picture yourself in the events.

A friend talks you and your spouse into going on a cruise. You plan over 6 months ahead of time. When the week arrives, storms are rolling across the Caribbean. You embark from Miami, and after only intermittent sunshine on the first day, you encounter a severe storm that ultimately swamps the huge ship. You begin to sink far out to sea.

People scurry about to get on life boats, but the rocking waves drag down boats and people. You and your spouse somehow make it on one of the 15-person wooden boats that did not get pulled under. A few other people did, as well. Your friends are gone.

As the big ship fully submerges, in the lightening flashes you see people not in boats struggling to keep their heads above the water. These people see your little boat rolling high up onto each wave. You grab the hands you can reach and pull several into the safety of the boat. Within a few minutes you have 20 people in your little 15-person life boat. It is now starting to take on water as it wobbles with the huge waves. People begin scooping out water with hats and hands, and you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to stay afloat.

It occurs to you how much you love your wife, and how precious she and your children back home are to you.

But then, in the flashes of light, you see a man frantically swimming toward you with his wife in tow. Behind him are four children. Behind them, several more families swimming to your boat for safety.

You have the paddle.

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