Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.


So I come home from work and find two kids in my yard, out next to the curb, trying to pry the manhole lid off. It’s a manhole that is over a curb drain, so it is not in the street.

I park and mosey on out to them, approaching them while they are so intent on prying that don’t even see me coming.

In a not-so-abrubt voice, I said, “Now what do you guys think you are doing? You know you can’t do that.”

I startled them, but they didn’t run. I wasn’t trying to scare them, I wanted to know what they were doing. I might want to join in, see? I just had to start out acting like an adult.

“Well, uhm, yessir, see, we think there’s a driver’s liscense down there and, see, we want to get it cause we think we see credit cards, too!”

“A driver’s liscense, hu? Hmmmm”

I remove the manhole cover.

There, just as the boys said, is a liscense and what appear to be an assortment of credit cards. One of the boys immediately comments, “Hey, there’s a policeman!”

The policeman, in his car not 20 feet away, is looking at us. The boys get even more excited. Maybe I am, now, as well. The policeman pulls over and gets out. I just point at the boys, who have begun the story. He approaches, looks down and sees the items.

Turns out, it was a crime dump scene. He took interest, we wisely let the boys do most of the retrieving items. Apparently there have been several break-ins in our neighboorhood in recent weeks. The boys decided that with a policeman as a new friend, they would recount a story about some guy in a truck stalking them. I took it as my queue to go inside. I told him thank you, he went to seek out the man on the items, who lives not far away.

However, there have been no actual auto thefts, so there’s no hope for my situation.

Oh, also, there was a hammer down there. We all decided to ignore that item. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • Guess you’ll have to find a better place to dump evidence, huh buddy??

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