Justin: In the Feast of Being Able to. Amen.

Part 3 – True or False

Part 3

All this, when what I intended to say is, I am blessed by God with all I need and more. So are every single one of my friends. All of them. We find ourselves pinching pennies and wondering if we can afford to fill the gas tank and to us, that’s hard times. I buy defective tile and can’t afford to run out and buy replacement tile that very moment and I feel somehow poor and trapped. It’s just that sometimes we compare ourselves among ourselves instead of in a global or historical or Biblical context, and we feel lacking.

But in the end, maybe I ought not dream of Jaguars and slow drives to Gettysburg. Maybe none of us should dream too big for a while. Maybe it is a bit obscene to speak of buying a car or taking a big vacation or remodeling your kitchen or busting a five dollar bill on a frozen mocha when 15% of the country can’t find a job, and another 9% can only find part time work. When our very currency could soon be relegated to that of a 2nd tier nation, and everyone agrees that harder times are probably on the way. Maybe we have ‘lived the dream’ for so long that we can’t wake up to put out the house fire. It’s hard to say on a personal level how to react to national crisis.

As for me? I won’t stop dreaming of my novel. More importantly, I won’t stop working on it. It’s a big dream with a small cost to pursue. What I will stop is remodeling the house as soon as I can finish getting the tile down in the kitchen. And while that’s just a few hundred dollars from me, that hurts the economy. How each of us prepares for what could soon be a depression is subjective, but I would strongly suggest getting ready. Hopefully something very positive happens in the next four days in Washington and we feel the upward swing begin.

Just think… What if all the financial analysts are wrong? What if public pressure drives congress to actually balance the budget, the economy turns on a dime and this time next year we are back on top of the world? What if unemployment goes from it’s present 24% (adjusted) back down to 6%, the housing market is restored and the United Nations ceases its talk of dropping the dollar as the medium of global currency.

Count your blessings, and consider that a majority of people in ‘poverty’ in the United States are actually wealthier than a majority of the world. Where does this leave me with all that I have?

Thank your God in heaven for the time and place in which you live. I just wish there was one of these meters for the wealthiest of all history. I think we’d be even higher.


True or False
(John Ciardi)

Real emeralds are worth more than synthetics
but the only way to tell one from the other
is to heat them to a stated temperature,
then tap. When it’s done properly
the real one shatters.
I have no emeralds.
I was told this about them by a woman
who said someone had told her: True or false,
I have held my own palmful of bright breakage
from a truth too late. I know the principle.

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