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Part 3 – True or False

Part 3 All this, when what I intended to say is, I am blessed by God with all I need and more. So are every single one of my friends. All of them. We find ourselves pinching pennies and wondering if we can afford to fill the gas tank and to us, that’s hard times. […]

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Part 2 – The best lack all conviction

Part 2 Alright, that’s hyperbole, nevertheless true. And I blame Washington, DC. At least for the duration of this blog entry, because that’s what’s on my mind. In 8 years, GW Bush raised national debt from 3 to 6 trillion. That’s with 8 years of an escalating war on two fronts. 3 trillion dollars is […]

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Part 1 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Part One Times are bad. Financial analysts on news and radio say that things are going to get worse. The next few days in Washington will tell. Despite this, I am blessed to be employed with a good company, and to sit at my desk wrangling phone calls and resisting what I have labelled as […]

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