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Halloween at the Office

1st shift: Jedi, cowgirl, pregnant pumpkin, clown, punk rocker, a lobster, soldier, and naughty school girl. And, since Domingo is the only one who didn’t dress up, 1 Mexican. addendum: I typically don’t care about Halloween, but I didn’t want to be a total fud, so I gave in and consented to be SOMEthing. I […]

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Finding Happy at Halloween

A friend asked his son last night what he wanted to be for Halloween. He responded, “A Mexican.” This Halloween I’d like to be a drummer in a punk band sitting on my front porch playing a shiny new set of acoustic drums so fast my arms blow out every 10 minutes and I have […]

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To Syracuse, with Love

Today I woke up late. I didn’t so much like the smell of my new Lever soap. I wore a vest that helps my confidence. There was ice on all my windows. I drank coffee on the way to work with no lid on it so I could see it steam. I called a friend, […]

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