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OG for Mikey

Mike’s bday lunch today though his bday is oct 18, because og stops serving their endless pasta bowl too early every year. I almost didn’t come because he hit me in the FACE with a rubber band an hour ago. Leaving just now, we pulled out of the office and the Wingfoot people were walking […]

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Export CMS to .csv?

Looking for a better way… Thinking about better ways to get updates to the two field guys I am supporting. They don’t use smart phones atm. They justifiably fear them for the accessibility to them it would provide. Perhaps soon. We CC everything to them so they see all the gritty details when they fetch […]

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It gets better

I am a firm believer that when we pass through hard days, no matter God’s primary purpose, there will come a time when someone else will find themselves where we were, and no one but us will have the understanding to empathize. I’m posting the following that I wrote just a few weeks ago, because […]

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