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Well, I did some things that were less than legal when I was stupiderest (19, 20ish) than than I am stupid now, but none of them ever involved hypodermic needles. This morning Clarence used his last insulin needle. Clarence is muh kitty and he has diabetes. Lil bro and I used to mock people who […]

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Now they tell me

After hearing of my experience with Red Bull, my co-workers inform me that two weeks ago, while I was across campus or something, they all pitched in and bought a can of Red Bull. They got out 8 or 10 paper cups and — who knows HOW — split the goblin rocket fuel amongst themselves […]

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What a maroon.

*hack, gasp, cough, shiver* So I have this vitamin, here. It may be a generic vitamin that I put in a Centrum bottle so I feel better about my place in life, but it’s nevertheless a multivitamin. So with my multivitamin I don’t need a drink, but today I wanted one. So I went out […]

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