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The Art of Art

“…For art is the expression of the soul of the common man, and professional artists are not common men.” Wallace Stevens is a good example of the outpourings of a normal man as refined art. He spent most of his adult life working for the Hartford insurance company. There’s a story I’ve heard told of […]

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Excerpt from “The Letters” series

Here’s an excerpt from book one (in progress) of my fantasy fiction series “The Letters”, entitled “Oh, You Drained the Great Sea, Nice Trick”      â€œDo you like my fish?” a tiny voice spoke from the doorway.      “Oh yes, she is a beautiful fish,” Marten replied, turning to find a small, dark-skinned girl with two pig […]

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It gets better

I am a firm believer that when we pass through hard days, no matter God’s primary purpose, there will come a time when someone else will find themselves where we were, and no one but us will have the understanding to empathize. I’m posting the following that I wrote just a few weeks ago, because […]

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